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Our Members

Our members are the heart of our studio. They are accomplished practicioners producing great work that we are proud to showcase and  be part of.



I am very grateful to Cernamic for introducing me to pottery as a relaxing escape from work and stress! Most of the pieces I create are influenced by an obsession with the sea and round, fluid forms.



I make various things, from teapots to biotopes for the garden, from whistles to Japanese craft dolls. Also interested in raku and crystalline technique.

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For the past 4 years I’ve been exploring all the different aspects of pottery and ceramics. Within this exploration I’ve started to settle into what I love to make the most: elegant shapes, inspired by my Korean heritage; with vibrant beautiful colors and crystals, influenced by my western upbringing.

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I'm a florist and a part time potter. My career has influenced me to make pieces that compliment flowers and plants. I like making fun, cute pieces that bring a smile to people's faces. I mainly throw of a hump, making small bud vases and sometimes functional wares like cups and jugs. Usually glazed in bright colours which i'm always changing and experimenting with. However I also really enjoy making unglazed wares. Using marbled clay in earthy tones as the decoration, instead of glaze, for my larger and more functional pieces.

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I discovered my love of clay during a pre foundation course in 2008.  It tapped into a freedom of creativity which I found liberating, allowing me to find inspiration during the making process so my pieces can develop organically. It is important for me to try and retain the energy of the making in my  pieces. I manipulate the form so each piece has a unique expression and movement .  For me its about creating simple forms that can be used in daily life making the everyday special!


I love the surprises inherent in this craft especially in Raku and Reduction Firing.  You can never make the exact same piece twice and therein lies the magic!



My passion for ceramics began many years ago when as a fashion student I visited Brick Lane each week and came home with a vase from the 50’s and 60’s. I now love to work with contrasts - matt and shiny, black and white, the smooth whiteness of porcelain and the earthy texture of grogged stoneware clays.

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Wheel thrown sculptured vessels, miniatures and tableware.

Stoneware, minimalist.

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I love all things colour and shiny like a magpie and this is at the heart of my style. I only make things I love and enjoy exploring unusual shapes and wibbly wobbly handles. Pottery doesn't have to be boring and functional - I like to bring the jazzy and no one piece of mine is ever the same!

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Ceramic is an escape route, a break from the screens dominating everyday life, a chance to clear my mind and get my hands dirty.

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On a journey of creative discovery

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Jessie moonlights as an illustrator and ceramicist, creating playful ceramic goods that celebrates maximalism in the everyday. Her work focuses on modern ceramics for the home with refreshed silhouettes and curated colour palettes, inviting a sense of surprise and delight into each object. Each piece has a bold personal touch, allowing it to be the showstopper in any interior space.

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"The Duck Guy".

I make silly ceramics to make people smile! I focus on whimsical and abstract cartoon/meme based ducks, chickens, pigeons, and anything else I love and can do a cute twist on. You'll see ornamental Geese with bread around the neck, ducks holding birthday cake, vases and pots and functional things too!

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Clay has been a medium for artistic expression since the dawn of time so we could say that playing with clay is part of the human DNA. Exploring shapes and decorating them with primordial patterns makes me feel part of the flowing history of human kind.

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Bending Earth started his journey into ceramics in 2020 and never looked back. Specializing in slipcasting and porcelain, his work is playful and experiential. Richard enjoys exploring different methods and techniques, resulting in unique one-off creations. A friend to the studio, Richard volunteers his time extensively at Ceramic, from assisting in specialized Raku firings to supporting taster classes.

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Linjing Peng (b. 1993, China) is a multidiciplinary artist based in London. She uses ceramics as a tool for processing the past, sound for expressing the present (Alter ego), and through repair to fixing the future (Shelter). She wishes for her art to be seen as an elective affinity between the process of psychoanalysis and work of art.

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I’m Ali Glancy. I have spent 6 years fascinated by the magical properties of clay. For the last 3 years I have been a member at Cernamic where I have been able to develop my interest in creating colour in glaze, exploring the effect temperature has on minerals and oxides to create vivid rich colours or pale colours with opalescent depth. My forms are wheel made and often altered or added to. Each piece is unique, a moment in time memorised by the clay, vitrified by fire.

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