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We are establishing this new studio to forged new connections across different and diverse countries and traditions. We want to break fresh ground and reposition the importance of ceramics in modern society.  


Our Services




Associate Members

Our relaxing and friendly tutors will guide you through the different processes depending on the workshop. Our goal is teach every grade, from total beginners up to those at university level.


The courses will run from 4 to 12 weeks, this duration depends on how much pottery experience you would like to gain.

Although we hate to see people leave us, we understand that day to day life commitments and travel can make regular attendance hard to balance. As an associate you will pay a one-off fee for the year which will get you access to discounted drop in sessions, Raku  and gas firing, talks, demos and much more. 


The Associate Members are true supporters of what we believe at Cernamic.


Cernamic Academy is more like a family, our members support each other and often help students and visitors. We hope the outcome of this will be us challenging ourselves to improve and enjoy this amazing craft to the fullest. 

Workshops Intermediate/advance 

The classes are designed to empower students to feel confident and help them progress with a higher knowledge and understanding of clay and ceramic. These classes will involve Raku, gas firing and will teach you how to load and unload a kiln.


Our studio membership program allows members usage of the main studio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Member benefits will include unlimited firings, shelf space and access to the regular pottery equipment including wheels, slab rollers and extruders.  


Members will have access to a communal Raku and Gas Firing at a £5 charge.


Moulds can be created in our plaster area.


There will be a glaze laboratory where you can purchase and create glazes via


Membership fees are £160 a month with a refundable £160 deposit. If you decide to leave us, we just ask that you give us one months notice. 

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