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Cernamic in Press

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We’ve been fortunate to have featured in a few publications and websites this year, here is a roundup of Cernamic in the Press


In May we were thrilled to host Charlie Heatons' GQ interview in the studio at his request. The experience was fun- we hope- for all parties involved, and the novelty of the event was very refreshing on those sultry first few days in May.


“The clay will always wait for you. The question is… can you wait for the clay?”
In Cernamic, a pottery studio in Stoke Newington, East London, Charlie Heaton is stooped over a rotating wheel, wearing an apron and taking instruction on how to shape a grey lump of clay. Around us are the various triumphs of more accomplished potters: a bust wearing a gas mask; some basketballs; two toucans. Heaton’s trying to make something beautiful out of nothing.

You Must Create

This was a great collaboration with YMC, an apparel brand, in which Nam and Susi were snapped in YMC clothing and interviewed about the trials and tribulations of running a pottery studio, their own practise, and what it feels like to be wearing a £500 boiler suit.


Your work combines characters and elements from gaming and animation with the ancient techniques of pottery. How and when did you first think to combine these formerly disparate worlds?
Pottery is easy. Anyone can pick up the basics, given time. The real question is how to use the medium to represent you, in a way that stands out. I only make objects that I would want to collect myself. If I can’t picture it in my home as something to look at and enjoy, I don’t make it. Gaming is something that I love and do a lot, so exploring it through the medium of pottery feels like an authentic extension of my self.

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