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Stoke Newington Overground:

Liverpool Street, Enfield Town & Cheshunt

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243 to Waterloo, 76 to Waterloo or Tottenham Hale, 149 to London Bridge or Edmonton Green, 67 West Green Road

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Stoke Newington 

36a Windus Road

Stoke Newington


N16 6UP


To book email over which kiln you'd like to hire out, what you are firing and when you'd like your pieces to be fired to nam@cernamic.com.

We do offer single item firing for £30 with the maximum size of the item being 20cm x 20cm x 20cm

However, we do recommend firing in bulk to save time and money in the long run.

Small Kiln Hire                £60

Cube Small Kiln (approx)

Width: 36cm

Depth: 45cm

Height: 48cm 

Circular Small Kiln (approx)

Width: 44cm (circumference approx 138.23cm) 

Depth: 64cm

Large Kiln Hire                £90

Cube Large Kiln 1 (approx)

Width: 45cm

Depth: 60cm

Height: 93cm 

Cube Large Kiln 2 (approx) 

Width: 44cm

Depth: 65cm

Height: 74cm  

Circular Small Kiln (approx)

Width: 69cm (circumference approx 216.77cm) 

Height: 57cm 

Extra Large Kiln Hire   £140

Cube kiln (approx)

Width: 67cm

Depth: 60cm

Height: 90cm

Cernamic Academy

36a Windus Road, 

Stoke Newington, 

London, N16 6UP

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Large Kiln 1

Approx Sizing - £90 W: 45cm D: 60cm H: 93cm