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Introducing the Cernamic Apron Set, the perfect option for those who want to add a personal touch to their pottery attire! This set includes a durable demin apron that will protect your clothes when working in the studio. The best part? You also get a patch of our loho that you can iron on wherever you want on the apron, allowing you to DIY and customize your own unique design.

Cernamic Apron Set

    • Place the patch on the desired area with the glue side down. Do not remove the glue.
    • Preheat the iron. Iron the patch for 3-10 seconds from the front to secure it. You can also stitch the patch onto the apron before ironing to ensure it's in the right spot.
    • Flip the apron over, along with the secured patch, and iron the back for 3-10 seconds to melt the glue and secure it firmly.
    • Flip the apron back over and iron the front for 3-10 seconds, ensuring the surface is flat and clean. You can add extra stitches around the patch for more security.

    Important reminders:

    • Ensure the apron is completely dry before ironing on the patch.
    • Do not add water during the ironing process.
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