Raku firing session


This is a two part weekend raku course on saturday 

First session you'll spend 3 hr creating forms with raku clay

using methods such as handbuiling and throwing on the wheel .

We advise you that students create either two small or medium size pices or one large piece , this is to ensure everyone on the course would be able to get items fired on the next session . It is poossible to create more for an addtional fee . The pieces will be fired to 1000 degrees within a week .


Second session will compromise of sanding and preping th bisc ware pieces  , then glazing and understanding fiing . Students will have the option to throw saw dust into the post redcution bins .

Whilst awating for the raku firing which will take about 45min students are given a demo oin making certain raku glazes and other advance raku techniques . There will be a short intermision for tea and coffee , then the pots will be remnoved from the kiln scrubed and taken home on the day .


Raku class two weekend


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