Beginner Pottery Workshop


Experience Level: Beginners


This is a 6 weeks pottery foundation course suitable for beginners. The course will introduce you to basic hand building techniques of pinching, coiling and slab building and also chance at throwing and glazing.

This workshop is ideal for students with no previous clay experience, a great opportunity to develop your skills and confidence in transforming the clay into a decorative or functional mug, bowl or plate. At the end of the course you will experience a personal proud moment of creation.

Materials are included , but there will be a charge for firing pieces that studnets would to take onto the next stages of glazing .

Wednesday Daytime beginner

  • Beginner Four weeks Course : 


    Week One - Throwing

    •   Have a go at the wheel and Learn how to center the clay and understand the basics of creating a form.


    Week Two - Throwing 

    • Learn how to create forms in the wheel. 


    Week Three - Throwing

    •  Learn to throw a cup, bowl or plate. 


    Week Four - Turning & Glazing

    • Learn how to turn your pots
    •  Learn how to glaze and decorate your work that you have made over the past three weeks.


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