Pottery Wheel & Handbuilding Workshop


Start date : 15th April End Date: 20th May

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Experience Level: Beginners 

Total Price: £210 (£60 online non-refundable deposit + £150 on the day)


Beginners classes are closely guided with students learning the main methods of throwing and handbuilding clay! The first 3 weeks of the course you will spend your time learning how to master the art of throwing. 


However, if you end up not making something as you imagined it, in the 5th week you will be learning traditional pottery skills such as slab building and coiling. 


Finally, in the 4th and 6th week of your lesson you will learn different techniques to decorate and glaze your pieces. 


The workshop is run in a group of maximum 4 people, please wear your masks.




If you are travelling or self isolating please be aware before booking and please contact us if you need to amend your booking.


Before the lesson please cut your nails wear old clothes or anything you don't mind getting messy! (Clay does come out!) On the day of your lesson please wait at the black gate and call for us on: 07985138854 and we will come and collect you!

6 Week Pottery Course | Thursdays | 15th April - 20th May

  • Two weeks after course ends , collection of pottery can be arranged via email : nam@cernamic.com or sign up to our newsletter for collection date announcement. 


    We recommend you collect your finished work as soon as possible to help keep our storage area clear therefore avoiding damage. If finished ceramic work is not collected within one months of the end of the course we will sadly have to dispose of it.

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