Nam Tran

An award-winning fine ceramic art practitioner exhibiting internationally

Specialising in wheel-thrown raku, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to every object made. He focuses primarily on exploring the physical properties of clay and material experimentation with alternative firing techniques. Nam likes to create pieces inspired by his childhood memories of video games and toys with a modern twist. He studied at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Arts.


 Bahamut (バハムート, Bahamūto?),  2021


Sometimes known by his epithet The Dragon King, is one of the most prominent summons in the Final Fantasy series. 1988 is the year of the dragon somthing me and Susi believe in a lot as we’re both dragons. Reduction fire in the heart of London .

Photos by @valerie_bernardini_


Susi Huang

A ceramic designer with 10+ years experience she is still creating ground breaking designs

Susi Huang is the Co-founder, Cernamics. She specialises in experimental gas firings, raku extra large hand-coiled vases and throwing gravity defying pieces. Susi enjoys to test the materiality of clay and has works for high profile clientele.  She studied at Central Saint Martins and continues her practice at Cernamics.